by Jim Woodcock In all Ip Man lineages (and possibly other short bridge styles of

The Birth of Practical Wing Chun Master Wan Kam Leung learned his Wing Chun under

Kulo Wing Chun originated in the Gu Lao Village (古勞村) in the late 1800s. Its

Sifu Yeung, please tell us a little bit about yourself. Was Wong Shun Leung your

This technique originates from Imperial Yang Tai Chi but can also be applied to Wing

Wing Chun’s flavour is instantly recognisable. Although it has striking, it does not look like

Language plays an integral role in conventional martial arts practice. Kung Fu theory is based on

Chi Sao is at the heart of Wing Chun. It is one of the characteristics

When I first met my Sifu Mr Yip Man I did not know of him.

There is much debate these days on whether Wing Chun is an internal art or

Intent is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Internal Martial Arts; often discussed but

Tan Sau  There are 2 points often overlooked by beginners when doing Tan Sau. 1

There is a peculiar phenomenon found in Chinese Martial Arts. There are often debates regarding

Wim Hof holds twenty world records, including a world record for the longest ice bath.

They say that the truth doesn’t need defending. I say the truth is no match

“小念頭主練內功” means “Sil Lim Tau primarily cultivated Internal Kung”. There is no Sil Lim Tau (SLT)

By Sifu Anthony Iglesias: I started my martial arts journey when my brother Randy took

When the late Wong Shun-leung taught me the Wing Chun pole, I was neither impressed

The lessons attained from delving deep into the mind and body through the internal (and

Grandmaster Lo Man Kam is Yip Man’s nephew and one of his original students. He

Internal Wing Chun: It’s all about Balance. Michael Watson has practiced Wing Chun and Martial

by Sifu Brian Hester. My martial arts journey began in 1981. I have studied numerous

Odyssey of a Wandering WingChun Aspirant. [divider] Sifu Victor Leow has turned down many interview

By Daniel Palau – English Translation by David Robinson. I first met Sifu Wong Hong

A lot of people are skeptical about Wing Chun’s practicality, because no practitioners of Wing

At the age of 18, I traveled to study for my Bachelor in Business in Melbourne,

Sifu Orr, you have a new book out called “Structure of Wing Chun Kuen (B&W):

內家拳三個重心 It doesn’t matter what you do, Wing Chun, Tai Chi or Judo; when interacting

The aim of this piece is not to critique any particular martial arts system or

William Kwok began training in Martial Arts at age seven. Born in Hong Kong, he

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