Wing Chun Back Power

This technique originates from Imperial Yang Tai Chi but can also be applied to Wing Chun, especially when practising Chi Sau.

In the picture, the large circle appears to connect to the back, but it’s actually linked to a point only a few centimetres away from the back.

We all know that when we lean against a wall, we can generate immense power by pushing off it with our backs. You can try applying this principle to your Chi Sau practice as well.

Surprisingly, you can replicate the same effect by visualizing an imaginary wall close to your back and pushing off it with your back muscles. The large circle in the picture represents this concept, and the point near the back is called the Yin within the Yang.

Give it a shot during your next Chi Sau session and see how it works for you!

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  • Algene Miller Sr

    I found this information useful and interesting.

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