Everything affects Everything – how Martial Arts can change your life

Everything affects Everything – how Martial Arts can change your life.

Indifference is a disease that can take over and quickly infect every area of your life – the shrug of the shoulder, like you are not even concerned. Just cruising through life.

But you see, you can’t cruise to the top of the mountain. Whether we talk about Wing Chun or life in general, to have a winning mentality you have toget worked up – at least a little bit.

We all do better for one of 2 reasons : Inspiration or Desperation. So don’t wait for desperation to put a spring in your step. Use inspiration.

One of my mentors once said “Please God give me somebody that feels strongly – about anything! – I don’t even care. It may not be easy to win passionate people over to your point of view, but it’s better than having to resurrect people from the dead every week. Pump them up over and over again because they have no passion or drive on their own.”

So develop passion for life, passion for Wing Chun, passion for all those things you want to accomplish. The passion you develop in Martial Arts will quickly spread to other areas of your life, and it will allow you to accomplish things you never knew were possible.

Javier Garcia

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