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They say that the truth doesn’t need to be defended. I say, the truth is no match for perception, and perception can be manipulated.

We are most affected by how we think things are, not how they really are. Cognitive biases can lead to perceptual distortion and illogical interpretations of reality. We see it all the time.

The internet is full of delusional “Masters” with mysterious powers. Their delusion run so deep that, sometimes, these individuals accept challenges from professional fighters, with dire consequences.

Some of these Masters have huge followings. It’s hard to comprehend how so many people can simply “believe” without requiring any objective evidence of these so called “powers”. But they do.

One way to avoid falling prey of these delusions is to train yourself to ask one simple question whenever you are confronted with new information.

That question is not whether the information is true or false. That can be a difficult thing to establish. In fact, it can be almost impossible to establish, in many cases.

The question you should ask your self is – “Does this information have real world applications? Can it be applied in real life to learn a practical skill or to explain and predict phenomena?”.

From a Martial Arts perspective, this means using the skills you learn to spar against resisting opponents on a regular basis. With that as your benchmark, you can confidently move forward with your training, secure in the knowledge that the skills you possess are based on utility, not “truth”.

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