Pour It On

Whatever you do in life, do it to the best of your ability. Many will say, “If only I had a better job, I would really work hard at it’ or “if only I could find my life’s purpose, I would really be motivated then”.

So many people simply pass the days, unmotivated and uninspired waiting for that day when they find their life’s purpose. But life does not work this way.

The best way to get out of an uninspiring job or situation, is to really give it your best. Whatever you find yourself doing, really pour it on. It could lead to you being noticed and promoted.

Even if it doesn’t, a positive, enthusiastic attitude, will make you happier and more open to new opportunities.

Develop a Midas touch. Let everything you touch turn to gold. Make sure that you always leave things better than you found them. It will change your life. ​ As Martial Artists, the ability to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and work ethic is essential. Never do things by half measures. Really pour it on. In Martial Arts and in life.

Javier Garcia

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