Wing Chun – Good vs Evil

It is true. Martial Arts are a fight between good and evil. So is life, really.

But the evil we face is usually not in the form of a Darth Vader or Lord Voldemort. Such evils are obvious and easy to see and avoid – and not too common.

The true battle between good and evil goes on inside every human being. It is a battle between honesty and dishonesty, between loyalty and treachery, between laziness and productivity, between self-development and self-indulgence.

In order for evil to take over, all good has to do is nothing. How quickly will the weeds take over your garden if you do nothing about it? Right away! It’s what they do.

But how far can you push them back, if you are active? As far as you like.

You see, evil is no match for good. But good must remain active. Procrastination, laziness, lack of motivation are the evils that hold you back regarding your Martial Arts development, health, financial situation etc.

The weeds are no match for the powers of good – motivation, excitement, discipline. But you must be active. 

Every day you must drive the weeds back. Every day you must stand guard at the gate of your mind and make sure the battle inside of you is won. Do that and you can accomplish anything! ​

Javier Garcia

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