Bruce Lee the Philosopher

Chinese Martial Arts and Eastern philosophy are inseparable. The idea that the Human body is a mirror of the Universe, with the same laws of operation, is deeply rooted in Kung Fu. 

It’s for this reason that I believe Bruce Lee became a world wide star. He was an extraordinary Martial Artist and Actor, but he was also much more than that. When he spoke, he sounded like a Sage. The wisdom of his words was matched only by his incredible passion.

Bruce once famously said – “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” and “Be a practical dreamer backed by action.”

It’s amazing to me that decades before the rise of motivational gurus like Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins, Bruce was already sharing the blueprint to success with his followers. It was spelled out, in no unclear terms, in his philosophical musings. Isn’t that amazing? He gave us the secrets to his success, and yet many of us missed it.

I say missed it because, although many of us understand his philosophy, most of us don’t apply it. Like he said, you have to be a practical dreamer and back your dreams with action which is laser-like in its focus.

Let me give you an example. What would you attempt to do, in your life, if you knew that you could not fail? 

Interesting question, isn’t it? I bet you have something in mind, right now, as you read these words.

Now imagine that today, someone said to you, “You have 1 year to reach your goal. If at the end of the year, you have not accomplished it, your life will be over”.

What would tomorrow look like? Very different to the last few years of your life, I bet. You would get to work on your dream immediately, taking massive action with a laser-like focus.

It is clear to me that this is how Bruce lived his life. He took massive action with a laser-like focus to become the best Martial Artist he could be. Then he did the same when it came to acting.

Against all odds, a young man from Hong Kong, with a Chinese accent, became one of the biggest Movie stars in the world. And like most great men, he shared his secret with us. He told it to anyone who would listen. And listen we did.

We must now have the courage to take action, in order to benefit from his teachings. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

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