Reflex Speed Ball


1.Boxing speed ball can improve response speed and hand coordination, and improve timing, hand speed and motion accuracy. 2.The vacuum suction cup's powerful suction allows you to punch freely. The product is easy to install. 3.For convenience, you can adjust the line tension for novice or advanced users. 4.The punch ball is soft, very durable, adapted to be often used. 5.Suitable for boxers to practice the time and speed of swimming, jabs, hooks, crosses and defensive movements, it is also suitable for warm-up and reinforcement training for athletes of all fitness levels, such as jumping, kicking and toe faucets. Material: PU Dimensions (approx.): PU ball diameter: 89mm / 3.50in ; rope length: 2.9 meters / 114. 17 inches Effect: training punch sensitivity and reaction speed / free boxing equipment / boxing training equipment / boxing punching ball Type: Hanging The suction can reach 10.5 kg on a smooth surface. It can be used flexibly. In the gym or where it can't be fixed, just attach the boxing ball to the equipment rack, the horizontal pole, etc. It is also convenient to use.



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