Song – it is not simply relax, although being relaxed is one of the components. Most of us are tensed up like tied up Christmas trees. Cut off the strings and the Christmas tree will naturally return to the Song state.

San – disperse. Both energetically and physically. Once you Song, you return to the naturally dispersed state. Just like a pine tree, the branches will spread out naturally when untied. So will you.

Tong – conductivity. Once you can Song San, the next step is to Tong. In Chinese, when things go through freely, it’s called Tong. It applies to electricity, flow of water, ever traffic. Tong is not one way, it also implies return and redistribution, just like a 2 way highway.

During solo practice, Song San is easy. But when an opponent is applying force, if you cannot Tong, you cannot remain Song. And if you are not Song, there will be blockages and you will not be able to Tong either. So the two rely on each other.

Kong – empty. This is your goal. We fall because of conflicting forces inside us. If you can Song San Tong, you are like a superconductor, nothing is retained inside you. If an opponent applies force, it will not affect you. There will be no conflict as you are empty.

Train well, train correctly, and these will become the natural state of your body. And when you fight, your body will deal with forces without conscious effort.

By Dr John Fung


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